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Rules of the site

Post by Larka on Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:43 am

High positons
-To play a high position you must first ask the owner or a staff member if you can have the position
-People who play high positions must be on ever three weeks or their high position will be deleted unless they give a provide a reason through pm why the can't be here during that time.
-Two high positions per person
-No two high positions in the same clan so if you have a high position in Oakclan you have to make your second in another clan.
-No two high positions of the same kind so if you play a leader you can't play another leader
-Don't whine about not getting a high position because that will most likely make it so you don't get a high position

Staff positons
-You must ask me if you want to be a staff member
-Staff members need to be on every two weeks or they will be reverted back to being just a member unless the provide some reason through pm to why they won't be here during that time
-Members need to listen to and respect staff
-If a staff member tells you to do something do it
-Staff members should never abuse they power they are given

-Roleplay in third person
-Roleplay in past tense
-No powerplaying
-No godmoding
-Be friendly to one another
-keep the cussing to a minimum try only to use warrior cuss words
-Be respectful to one another
-No double posting unless the original is over 10 minutes
-You can have as many characters as you can roleplay

Aging system:
-A week in roleplay equals one moon
-Kits become apprentices at 6 moons
-Apprentices become warriors at 12 moons
-Warriors become elders at 100 moons

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