Tinystar leader of Rippleclan

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Tinystar leader of Rippleclan

Post by Larka on Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:17 am

Cats name: Tinystar
Gender: Female
Age: 24 moons
Clan: Rippleclan
Rank: Leader
Appearance(Can be as long as you want it): Tinystar is a small white and gray she-cat with really pale blue eyes. Her fur is long and fluffy and she has a long fluffy tail.
Personality(Can be as long as you want it): Tinystar is mostly calm and collected making her a good leader for her clan. She enjoys listening to the problems of her clan mates and loves helping her clan mates. She is brave and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in or to voice her thoughts out loud. She has trust-issues and has a tendency to not trust any cat who isn't apart of her clan. She is stubborn and once she makes up her mind about something it is impossible to change it. She can be a bit of a grudge holder to the point that she never lets anything go. She is pretty much quiet choosing to talk only when she absolutely has to. She is very serious and puts her clan before all her needs which has led to her almost starving on some occasions. She can be a bit reserved since she has trouble expressing her emotions.
History(Optional): Tinystar was born as a loner two to loners. She was born blind but that did not stop her from learning to survive. When she was around 7 moons old she received a strange dream from a cat with stars in her fur. The cat told her that she was her great grandmother and that she had clan blood running through her veins. Her great grandmother told her that it was her destiny to rebuild Rippleclan but first she would have to learn about the clans. Her great grandmother told her of the clans and their way of life and told her that three other cats had been chosen to rebuild the clan. She chose to believe her great grand mother and ended up leaving her parents to journey to the new clans territory. When she reached the new clans territory she was 18 moons old and she met the other chosen cats. She found the perfect territory for her clan and began to gather cats to join her clan. When she figured that she had gathered enough cats she went to receive her nine lives.

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