Shadestar of OakClan

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Shadestar of OakClan

Post by SnowyKcnomre on Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:24 pm

Cats name: Shadestar
Gender: Female
Age: 41 Moons
Clan: OakClan

Rank: Leader

Appearance: Shadestar, the leader of OakClan, is a tall she-cat. The leader has a slim figure. She has raven black fur with deep icy blue eyes. Her pelt is covered in soot colored stripes and her eyes are oval like. Her muzzle is average sized. Shadestar's chests is average sized. Shadestar has a long tail. She has petite paws and a menacing look.

Personality Shadestar is the fiery leader of OakClan. Fiercely loyal of her clan, Shadestar would lay down all of her lives for OakClan to protect it. She is harsh and is extremely wary of outsiders. She is full of mistrust and only trusts her clanmates. She is raging terror when she fights. Shadestar is especially dangerous when in a tree or in a tight place. Despite her keen ability to fight, her hunting skills aren't very good.

With her clanmates, she expects greatly from them but they are rewarded with her unlimited loyalty and trust. She is full of courage. She does have a tendency to glare at others with her usual, icy blue glare. Shadestar is always ready to laugh with her clanmates but in times of need, Shadestar is extremely serious. To outsiders, she is very unwelcoming and as cold as ice. Shadestar isn't very merciful and she is a pitiless cat.

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